Episode 8 – Geek Mental Help Week | Don’t Push Over a Cow!

This week Ben and I record a special episode for Geek Mental Help Week and talk a bit about its origins and what’s happening this week. But we mostly talk about our own experiences with depression and how we handled it. We also suggest some ways you can help yourself if you’re suffering from depression and how you can help a sufferer. We’re not medical professionals, but we hope that our experiences might be useful. And if you’d like to get involved follow this link. For our regular dukebox slot Ben has chosen ‘Cotton Wool (Fila Brazillia mix)‘ by Lamb. My choice is ‘Happiness‘ by Jonsi & Alex.

Mind (a UK mental heath charity organisation)     World Health Organisation Depression Fact Sheet     NHS Choices – Depression Portal     Unfinished Business Ep 87 with Paul Boag     Unfinished Business Ep 89 with Laura Kalbag

  • This was a harder episode to do that either of us thought. We’d be interested to hear what you thought.